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This complete herbal alternative to Bute provides relief for pain and inflammation without the harmful

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Toppers Bug Buster 32 fl oz

All natural fly and insect repellant. This all natural fly and bug repellent is named after our

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MSM Cream 4 oz

New 8 oz size! Naturally gentle MSM Cream is an all natural pain relief

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Wellness Oil - Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Wellness Oil Because of how effective this product is, it has become our most

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BioGuard Plus

BioGuard Plus septic tank digester and drain cleaner is a dual purpose preparation available in

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Our Goals

In the realm of natural animal health care, advances in animal nutrition and the development of highly specialized diet formulas have been greatly dependent on the accelerating science of biotechnology. Companies around the world are constantly competing to create feed additives that result in lower animal mortality rates from diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, mycotoxins and parasites as well as stress caused by environmental pressures and trauma of every day animal life.

 The Holistic Horse has become a leader in defining and developing highly effective products (such as our 100% all natural WormGuard Plus for animals and poultry) which positively affect the health, survivability, growth and longevity of all animals and fowl. The Holistic Horse principals have collective experience of over 50 years in animal health care and animal nutrition. Our primary mission is to promote efficient, effective, and affordable animal health care with natural dietary supplements with our progressive and innovative products.

 Many of the most exciting, useful and successful products in fostering more healthy and disease resistant animal populations are now marketed and sold by The Holistic Horse, with natural dietary supplements that have truly earned their reputation as highly effective tools in maintaining healthier animals nationwide.

 While most of the world’s animal feed industry searches for and develops drugs, vaccines and other pharmaceutical methods to treat illness and disease, The Holistic Horse put its research talents and expertise into the development of products that focus on natural prevention with our natural animal healthcare products.

 The natural properties of our many products have earned a solid reputation of success in the frontal attack of increasingly severe disease producing conditions that exists in the ever expanding animal health care industry. We feel this web site will provide you with sufficient information and research to allow you to obtain a good understanding of the benefits and value of our products in the application of specialty animal health care.

 Thank you,

– Chris Richardson, President, Roger Richardson CEO –