ScoursGuard for Calves 1 lb.


ScoursGuard is a must have for new born claves, or in case of emergency. Works when nothing else will. Why take the chance of losing valuable foals to digestive scours when you can use our 100% all natural, chemical free ScoursGuard. 1 lb.

Product Description

ScoursGuard for calves

Safe for newborn calves.  A must have in case of emergencies.  Scours can kill!

ScoursGuard for calves stops scours – Saves Lives!

Why take the chance of losing valuable calves to digestive scours when you have the best solution to STOP digestive scours in its tracks with ScoursGuard?

Please take a moment and read this vitally important information.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you were not concerned about scours and its debilitating, and possible deadly, effects on your newborns – and you want the best for them and their health.  We know you want your newborns to be healthy and full of vitality.

ScoursGuard is NOT a chemical, it was put here as part of nature for our use.  Now we have a choice……  No longer do we need to treat calves for scours with chemicals that don’t work; it is not necessary because ScoursGuard works when nothing else will.

ScoursGuard is natural and therefore is not at all like manmade drugs.  It is a very fine powdery material.  This 100% natural compound has a food grade codex designation by the USDA, FDA and is EPA registered.

ScoursGuard comes in a 1 pound bulk package. A 1 pound package is 6 cups which is equivalent to about 99 tablespoons, so it goes a long way.

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To administer ScoursGuard use 1 quart of warm water or milk heated to 98 degrees Fahrenheit and 2 tablespoons of clean white sugar, (when using milk leave out the sugar) and 2 tablespoons of ScoursGuard, agitate until thoroughly mixed.

Feed to the newborn in bucket or bottle with attached feeding nipple, you may need to do this more than once a day to rid them of scours. Watch their manure, it should start to dry out quickly.

This should be repeated for 5 days or longer – you be the judge.

You can also feed it free choice – animals seem to know it’s good for them.

ScoursGuard has no taste or odor so they don’t balk at drinking or eating it. Make sure they have a nice, clean pen area away from other newborns and access to plenty of fresh clean water.


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