KennelGuard SC


KennelGuard is a 100% organic, chemical free, safe way to eliminate urine, odor, and moisture while drastically reducing the number of flies by killing their larvae. Now available in larger 2 and 4 lb. sizes!

Product Description

KennelGuard Super Concentrate

KennelGuard the safe, easy way to eliminate odor, moisture and flies, without chemicals – naturally! Keeps kennels drier and smelling fresher.

KennelGuard will help eliminate urine odor and moisture, while at the same time killing larvae present. Thus fly numbers will be drastically reduced.

Use KennelGuard for clean, odor free kennels.

Of course we all know that cleanliness of the kennel area is very important to the health of our dogs. Along with applying KennelGuard to the floor of the kennel, it can also be rubbed onto the fur of the dogs to eliminate fleas, lice, mite and ticks.

This 100% Organic compound has a food grade codex designation by the USDA, FDA and is EPA registered. Our 100% natural KennelGuard is NATURAL and therefore is not at all like manmade chemicals. This product has been extensively customer studied for efficacy.

KennelGuard comes in comes in 2 pound (about 10 cups) and 4 pound (about 20 cups) sizes. Full instructions are included.

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