Organic Granulated Garlic for Horses 1 lb.


Organic Granulated Garlic for horses provides numerous health benefits including: Anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties; helps support a healthy immune system; aids with respiration & lung infections to help maintain a clear respiratory system.

Product Description

Super Granulated Organic Garlic Pure Food Grade

Organic Granulated Garlic is a pure & natural food grade source of garlic.

Prepared from the finest sources of garlic, this Organic Granulated Garlic has the highest levels of Allicin, A, B and C vitamins plus natural minerals and trace elements.

The essential oils of Garlic has been found, over many centuries, to benefit people and animals in their general metabolism and respiration It also helps to protect them against infection and insects.

This Organic Granulated Garlic is specially selected to be 100% pure, so you get the full potential of the Garlic.

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1 Tablespoon (approx. 1/2 oz.) 3 times per week.

During peak fly season (summer months) you may feed 1 1/4 teaspoon daily.


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