Mosquito Die


Mosquito Die is a 100% all natural, chemical free product which contains a pest attracting herb. Kills mosquito larvae before they hatch thereby disrupting the breeding cycle. Now available in larger 2 and 4 lb. sizes!


Product Description

Mosquito Die destroys Larvae & Eliminates Mosquitoes.

After even small amounts of Mosquito Die come into contact with – or are ingested by – mosquito larvae, the product paralyzes the digestive tract of the larvae causing them to cease eating. This means that they will not develop into adult mosquitoes, thus breaking the breeding cycle.

Death will follow, but time until death ranged (in tests) anywhere from 15 hours to several days after contact or ingestion. The length of time depends on factors such as the size of the population of larvae present and the amount they ingest.

Since the onset of West Nile Virus – which has now spread across a huge number of states – the field test crew of the Holistic Horse spent hundreds of hours in an effort to produce a natural product capable of destroying the larvae and eliminating the mosquito responsible for the deadly West Nile Virus.

And We Found It…We call it Mosquito Die!

Mosquito Die is completely harmless to you, your animals, fish or fowl but means death to mosquito larvae.

Our 100% ORGANIC Mosquito Die is natural and therefore is not at all like manmade chemicals and it is harmless to handle. Now you can rid your ponds, low marsh and wetlands of mosquitoes with the use of Mosquito Die. Mosquito larvae are not able to develop an immunity to Mosquito Die as they can to chemicals.

Mosquito Die is easy to use and is just as effective either wet or dry. To use wet, simply add 4 tablespoons to a gallon of warm water (not hot) and mix well. To use dry, simply sprinkle the product onto the surface of the water so it spreads about a foot from the edge of the water. It should look like a light frost on the surface of the water. Also spread it on wet areas around ponds, lakes, marshes, stock tanks, or anywhere you might find mosquitoes. Don’t forget those water tanks!

Within a few days, if you have covered all wet breeding areas, you will notice a great reduction in the numbers of mosquitoes in your area. Even if you have no concern about West Nile Virus wouldn’t it be nice to sit on the porch or deck without being eaten alive?

There are approximately 160 tablespoons in a 2 pound bag- enough to make 40 gallons of Mosquito Die liquid.

Mosquito Die comes in 2 pound (about 10 cups) and 4 pound (about 20 cups) sizes.

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For use in a sprayer, add 4 tablespoons of MosquitoDie to a gallon of warm water (not hot) and mix well.

MosquitoDie can be used wet or dry and is just as effective either way. To use dry simply sprinkle product to look like a light frost about a foot into the water out around ponds, lakes, marshes, stock tanks and wet areas where you might find mosquitoes Stay up wind (wind to your back) and spread lightly close to the water, covering any area where mosquitoes breed.


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