Natural Horse Care book by Pat Coleby


Pat Coleby’s prescribed treatments for Holistic Horse Care.

With 165 pages this book is so full of common sense knowledge you won’t be able to put it down.

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“Natural Horse Care” book by Pat Coleby

With 165 pages this book is so full of common sense knowledge you won’t be able to put it down!

Pat Coleby’s Natural Treatments for the Top-Ten Horse Ailments

Centuries ago, villages often had a local ‘wise woman’ who was the community’s source of healing information and care. Often these women had been trained by their mothers and grandmothers in the cultivation, use and care of herbs, but the core of their knowledge came from experience from watching and learning. Long before there were doctors or veterinarians, these women passed down useful remedies and simple herbal treatments to enhance the health of the community. Surely Pat Coleby is the wise woman for our modern times.

For more than 70 years, Coleby has been watching and learning about the domestic animals in her care. From puppies and kittens to goats and horses, she has looked after them all. As a child her dream was to become a veterinarian. That dream went unfulfilled, but Coleby’s desire to heal animals remained. By dint of hard work and study Coleby developed her knowledge of animal care. As an adult, she has raised stock on her farm in Australia, and successfully cared for her own animals while also acting as a resource on animal care for farmers all over Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Beginning her observation of animals in their natural environment in the early 1930s, long before harsh, toxic chemicals were used on our soils and our animals, Coleby’s experience has given her a rich understanding of the complex connections between the soil quality, food and the health of animals. In Natural Horse Care” – a jam-packed 165 pages, she brings us her encyclopedic knowledge of horses and their health care needs. Through the use of vitamins and herbs, she teaches us how to prevent, and if it is too late for prevention, then how to treat any number of ailments that afflict the equine population.

Coleby’s prescribed treatments for the ‘Top Ten’ horse ailments are just an example of the depth and breadth of her understanding of the needs and requirements of the horse world.

“My association with horses goes well back over seventy years before the days of chemical farming and the drug approach so widely used today. Many of the troubles we have now were unheard of in those days. In racing stables, the staple diet was enough to keep horses in optimum health.

The trainer I worked for in the United Kingdom topped the trainers list again and again because our horses were so healthy which, in turn, led to optimum performance.

As the land continues to degenerate due to improper care and toxic chemicals, I find the need for supplementary minerals grows more, not less. I hope that my book, “Natural Horse Care”, will show trainers, breeders and horse keepers of all kinds the consequences when horses fail to obtain the required minerals and vitamins, and the almost unbelievable improvement when they do.

Often problems that were considered hopeless by veterinarians and owners are rectified. I have been fortunate to know many vets and horse masters of great wisdom, and I owe them an incalculable debt of gratitude for sharing their knowledge so freely with me.”

Below are a couple of excerpts from Pat’s book and regarding conditions that are caused by deficiencies, provided to help horse keepers pinpoint the cause of illness in their animals. A great many conditions regarded as ailments are often the result of mineral and vitamin deficiencies or the ill-advised use of certain drugs. Even the so-called infectious diseases can be warded off or largely minimized if the horse’s mineral (and therefore vitamin) status is correct.


Colic is usually caused by bad feed or an imbalance of some sort in the diet, including illegal binges from the feed bin. Make up a drench of four tablespoons of vitamin C and give immediately. Give 25cc vitamin C by injection straight into the muscle as well. It is not often necessary to repeat the treatment, but it can be given every half hour if necessary. Keep the patient warm and quiet and remove the cause of the trouble. Occasionally colic can be caused by impaction (constipation), and a drench of a pint of warm cooking oil is worth trying.


This is like laminitis and is caused by an excess of phosphates without the balancing magnesium in the diet, which has made the horse acutely magnesium deficient. In chronic cases the horse will show large areas of hardening round the neck, on top of the tail, and in serious cases, down the shoulder (sometimes called shoulder founder).

In Pat’s book you will learn many ways to treat your horse the natural way. The better way.

Pat’s book on Natural Horse care is a “must have” for all horse owners that have ever considered an alternative health care approach. Today so many horse owners are desperately reaching out in their effort to learn more about their beautiful equine friends and the ever growing natural way to horse health care. Pat’s book, with 165 pages, is so full of common sense knowledge you won’t be able to put it down! “Natural Horse Care” © 2001, softcover.

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