MSM Ultra Pure powder for Horses


99.9% MSM Ultra Pure powder with nothing added. MSM reduces inflammation and enhances circulation. Assists in the management of lameness issues, arthritis, epiphysitis (inflammation of growth plates most commonly seen in young horses), osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), and developmental orthopedic disease (DOD). An alternative to bute which can cause serious side effects.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Do you know where your MSM comes from? (See below)

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*The vast majority of cheap MSM on the market comes from China. Rather than using a distillation process, Chinese made MSM uses a crystallization process that traps unwanted contaminants and chemicals left from the manufacturing process. It also leaves behind a higher water content which leads to increased contamination. Chinese and other third world factories frequently use lower quality raw materials to save costs and also undergo few of the health and safety inspections and safeguards or GMP (“Good Manufacturing Practice”). Our MSM is the “Gold Standard” and is the only patented MSM made in the USA.  It is also the only licensed form of MSM that is approved by the FDA for animal use and undergoes a quadruple distillation process for ultimate purity.

Here is what our customer Jeanne S. has to say about MSM Ultra Pure and how it helped her horse:

I just wanted to say how much I love doing business with you at The Holistic Horse. I have experienced great service with a personal touch, and your products are exactly what I need to manage my horses in a more natural way. I also appreciate your dedication to quality sourcing of your products. Your MSM Ultra Pure took my Spanish Mustang from totally lame and on a full dose of NSAIDS daily to a horse who can be lightly ridden, and now on a quarter dose of NSAIDS. I’m a forever customer!

MSM for horses is an organic compound 100% pure MSM Sulfur, derived from DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide). DMSO is a topical anti-inflammatory agent which for years has been safely used to treat horses.

The original, Ultra Pure MSM. Each serving contains 10,000 mg. of MSM. The 1 pound size contains approximately 45 servings at the maintenance level.

DMSO is a topical anti-inflammatory agent which for years has been safely used to treat horses. Important areas of use include inhibition of pain impulses along nerve fibers; lessening of inflammation; increasing of blood supply; reduction of muscle spasm; and softening of scar tissue. Thus, animals suffering from a wide range of chronic pain conditions may find MSM extremely useful. Many experience rapid relief after starting MSM. We have often heard the statement, ‘Within a few days pain was gone.

Veterinary interest in MSM has increased over recent years. However, MSM has been used on horses for nearly 20 years. A well-known equine practitioner, started his evaluation of MSM to treat a variety of illnesses in horses, including chronic muscle soreness, epiphysitis, acute laminitis, pleuritis, recurring digestive tract disorder and arthritis has published his positive findings in several studies in peer-reviewed scientific periodicals, and generally emphasizes that MSM is of great value in maintaining the general health of horses.

MSM is now widely acclaimed by veterinarians and horsemen for its contribution to equine and pet health care. MSM for horses is credited with clearing up and preventing, epiphysitis (inflammation of the growth center just above the knee) in fast young growing horses. MSM for horses relieves a variety of horse ailments and lameness problems along with reducing inflammation and enhancing blood circulation.

MSM for horses provides horses with relief from arthritis. MSM for horses was added to the diet of a thoroughbred jumper with chronic back problems, after taking MSM his back problems disappeared and was able to go onto a healthy and extended jumping career. MSM cleared up epiphysitis in three weeks on a young thoroughbred filly.

Animals given MSM showed a delayed onset of tumors, equivalent to 10 years in humans. Dietary MSM also delayed the onset of tumors in the colon.

MSM for horses is not some magical potion, although it seems like one, it basically clears up two things, inflammation and enhances circulation.

MSM is present in many foods when it is very fresh, it can be driven out of food by even moderate passing, including the cutting and drying of hay. It is important to supplement a horses diet with a pure source of MSM for horses.

Arthritis and MSM.
MSM is an excellent source of sulfur for horses. Nutritionists, veterinarians, and horse owners report excellent results from the feeding of MSM on a daily basis. MSM for animals provides a dietary source of sulfur, an element that is important in the formation of connective tissue. Animals who were given MSM in their water supplies had lower death rates and liver damage than the control groups, and had a longer life expectancy.

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LOADING: Administer 2 1/2 teaspoon twice daily for the first 2 weeks.

MAINTENANCE: Administer 2 1/2 teaspoons once daily. (10,000 mg.)

Depending on severity of condition, your animal may require a dose of twice a day continuously for optimal relief of symptoms.

The 1 pound size contains approximately 45 servings.


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