YouthGuard SC 2 lbs.


YouthGuard is formulated for older horses to address their specific health concerns. This special combination of an all natural wormer and probiotics, aids in the digestive process. 2 lbs.

Product Description

YouthGuard SC Wormer for Older Horses’ Special Needs

The most complete and effective natural wormer available.
Why does your Older Horse need special attention? Read on and find out.

Fluctuations in the internal environment such as:

* Changes in PH
* Dehydration
* Substrate availability
* Presence of antibiotics
* Presence of medications
* Presence of chemicals

We, as people, think we will never get older, but alas we do and so do our beautiful equine friends. Sometimes it’s more noticeable in them than in ourselves. And as your horses reach his or her mid-teens and early 20’s, a variety of digestive problems begin to occur.

These might include:

* Tooth loss
* Gum ulcers
* Gum infection
* Breathing problems
* Decreased digestive efficiency
* Decreased digestive tract ability
* Compromised immune system
* Poor coat hair

The digestive tract, as you probably already know, plays an important role in managing these health risks and YouthGuard is formulated for older horses to address these problems at their source in the digestive tract.

Have you noticed the amount of expensive grain and other feed that end up in manure piles undigested because of stomach and intestinal problems? YouthGuard is specially formulated to help maintain a healthy digestive tract flora. Because an older horse’s immune system can have difficulty dealing with stress, YouthGuard’s high concentration of probiotics will help avoid the onset of problems. Feeding YouthGuard will also improve skin condition and coat hair.

So baby your faithful old friend, but do it with the nutritional aids contained in gentle but effective YouthGuard. And for horses recuperating from injury or illness, YouthGuard will also assist with their recovery.

For optimum performance, use YouthGuard, a gentle but very effective aid for older horses. Should be used daily at the rate of ¼ cup in feed to keep him or her in tip top condition.

This 100% Organic compound has a food grade Diatomaceous Earth codex designation by the USDA, FDA and is EPA registered. This product also contains probiotics for optimal digestive health.

YouthGuard comes in a 2 pound package. One pound order is 10 cups and will last 40 days.

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Feeding Instructions:

For a 1000 pound horse use 1/4 cup daily.


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