Organic Icelandic Kelp for People 1 lb.


Kelp is enriched with iodine which most of us are lacking in our diet. Iodine is an energy booster, there is a clear connection between our energy level and our iodine intake. Kelp is the only vegetable we know of that is able to bind and remove radioactive substances from the body – an important property. Kelp also has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, as well as cardiovascular benefits. Kelp has disease fighting abilities and helps with weight loss. There is a compound found in kelp called fucoidan which may help prevent the spread of lung and prostate cancer. It is interesting to note that the people of Japan who regularly include kelp in their diet, have the lowest cancer mortality rate. Studies have found that Japanese women have lower rates of breast, endometrial and ovarian cancers.

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Product Description

Organic Icelandic Kelp – Typical Analysis:

General (Average %):
Moisture 9.0
Protein 8.5
Crude Fiber 4.0
Total Ash (minerals) 29.0
Fat 2.0
Carbohydrates 47.5
Total 100.00

A Retinol 390 ppb
B2 Riboflavine 4.9 ppm
B3 Niacin 182.6 ppm
C Ascorbic Acid 375 ppm
D Cholcalciferol 150 ppb
E Alphatocopherol 110 ppm

Alanine 5.52
Arginine 5.47
Aspartic Acid 9.88
Cystine 1.49
Glycine 5.70
Glutamic Acid 12.03
Histidine 1.29
Isoleucine 3.26
Leucine 5.63
Lysine 4.24
Methionine 1.07
Phenylalanine 3.54
Proline 3.71
Serine 4.92
Threonine 4.60
Tryptophan 1.68
Tyrosine 3.52
Valine 3.51

Macronutrients (%):
Ca Calcium 2.1
Cl Chlorine 6.5
K Potassium 2.7
Mg Magnesium 0.85
N Nitrogen 1.4
Na Sodium 4.0
P Phosphorus 0.3
S Sulfur 2.8

Micronutrients (PPM):
Al Aluminum 289
B Boron 98
Co Cobalt 4
Cr Chromium 0.8
Cu Copper 4
Fe Iron 622
I Iodine 780
Mn Manganese 60
Mo Molybdenum 2
Se Selenium 0.5
Sn Tin 6.5
Zn Zinc 12


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Daily recommended dosage for people: 1/8 teaspoon.

Try sprinkling kelp on salads, soups, chili, etc. Can also be mixed with yogurt, oatmeal & smoothies…get creative!