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This complete herbal alternative to Bute provides relief for pain and inflammation without the harmful

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Toppers Bug Buster 32 fl oz

All natural fly and insect repellant. This all natural fly and bug repellent is named after our

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MSM Cream 4 oz

New 8 oz size! Naturally gentle MSM Cream is an all natural pain relief

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Wellness Oil - Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Wellness Oil Because of how effective this product is, it has become our most

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BioGuard Plus

BioGuard Plus septic tank digester and drain cleaner is a dual purpose preparation available in

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A bit of history about Chris:

As a little girl growing up, I always had an affinity and passion for animals, no matter what kind. I was always the kid on the block adopting the neighborhood strays. Not much has changed over the years! My parents were certain my life would somehow evolve around animals. My sister Karen also has a love of animals, and we certainly had our fair share of critters growing up. Over the years I’ve volunteered at various animal shelters, done rescue work, and been involved in wildlife rehab and release programs. Like a lot of little girls, my ultimate dream was to someday have my very own horse. I’m very happy to say that I am the proud owner of a very handsome, Palomino gelding named “Topper”. We were customers of The Holistic Horse for many years before we purchased the business. In fact Topper has sucessfully been on our all natural dewormer ” WormGuard Plus” for over 10 years now! Other members of our animal family include our dog “Romeo”, ( pictured below) several cats (adopted strays) and “Tommy” our 65 year old desert tortoise. I am very lucky to have married a great guy who shares and indulges my animal passion.

Where It All Started

chris_roger_image[1]The road to all natural, holistic animal care began for us 17 years ago when our beloved dachshund “Oscar” was diagnosed with a very rare form of rectal cancer. He was 9 years old at the time, and his devastating diagnosis led us to endless hours of research about cancer. We read and learned everything we could get our hands on. During our research, one common theme prevailed: it’s absolutely crucial that the immune system be healthy and strong. This is what enables the body to fight and heal disease. Right before Oscar’s surgery and chemo therapy, we changed his diet to an organic, raw, all natural one. We also incorporated only the highest quality supplements and herbs to help support and strengthen his immune system. Not only did he survive the cancer, but he lived to almost age 19! That amazing little dog was a true testimonial of the power of healing and how a strong immune system can do the job it was designed to do. Oscar’s legacy allows all our pets to enjoy the same benefits provided by an all natural diet & lifestyle. Our first choice is always holistic veterinary treatment whenever possible.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or just to say hello and introduce yourself. We are delighted you are part of The Holistic Horse Family!

Warmest Regards,

Chris & Roger Richardson