ProGuard Probiotics for Cows 1 lb.


ProGuard Probiotics is the ultimate in digestive care. It contains three lactic acid “good” bacteria which promotes healthy digestive function. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria necessary to maintain healthy levels of good bacteria. Probiotics also aid in warding off the bad bacteria and prevent it from overtaking the GI tract. Good bacteria helps the body make important B vitamins, while maintaining a strong immune system. It is especially important that your animal have probiotics after it has been given antibiotics. Antibiotics do not discriminate, and kill ALL bacteria in the system – both good and bad. It is vital to replenish the “good” bacteria to help rebalance the digestive/immune system which is essential to good health. 1 lb. Contains live bacteria. Store away from heat. Best kept refrigerated.

Product Description

ProGuard Probiotics for Livestock’s Digestion and Healthcare

ProGuard Probiotics is a beneficial bacteria supply that can colonize in the animal’s digestive tract as needed.

Your animals’ stomachs require digestive enzymes to begin the process of breaking down feed, and these are not always available in necessary amounts.

ProGuard Probiotics is a supplement for all classes of livestock feed.  ProGuard Probiotics contains 3 Lactic Acid Bacteria (called Probiotics): Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium species and Lactobacillus acidophilus – of not less than 1 billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) Per Gram, plus Grape Seed Extract for vitamins E & C.

Understanding Probiotics

Probiotics are simply ‘live’ beneficial bacteria that work in the animal’s digestive tract.  As the feed progresses from the mouth into the intestinal tract, specific types of bacteria are needed to continue the digestive process so that the body may absorb the nutrition from feed to maintain health and wellness.  ProGuard Probiotics digestive enzymes work with the gastric juices to start the breakdown, making the feed usable and absorbable, thus protecting the animal against stress and disease.

There is a microbial balance that needs to be maintained throughout an animal’s digestive tract.  Unfortunately, the microbial balance in cattle can be upset more easily than it can be restored!  This imbalance may last for a long time causing severe health and weight loss problems.  When the beneficial intestinal bacteria are destroyed or depleted, this also alters the pH of the gut environment, which further affects digestion and the animal’s overall health and well being.

You can help your animals fight against gastrointestinal disturbances and boost their immune system by supplementing their feed with ProGuard Probiotics on a daily basis.  As an added bonus you’ll save money on your feed bill as they more efficiently digest their feed.

ProGuard Probiotics comes in a 1 pound package. A 1 pound bag contains 96 teaspoons and will treat 1 Cow for about 3 months at 1 level teaspoon per day.

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1 level teaspoon per day.

A 1 pound bag contains approximately 96 teaspoons.


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