Bentonite Clay for Dogs 1 lbs.


Bentonite Clay contains more than 70 essential trace minerals. Known for its amazing drawing properties, it will safely detoxify your dog of heavy metals and chemicals naturally. It has many uses and can be used internally and externally. This product is extremely helpful for digestive issues such as diarrhea and IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). One 1 lb. bag contains approximately 56 Tablespoons. (Not recommended for use in constipated animals.) Please scroll down for additional information.

Product Description

Food Grade Bentonite Clay for Dogs – “The Healing Clay”

Bentonite Clay for Dogs used internally, can and will safely, naturally and inexpensively by non-invasive and non-toxic means detoxify your dog of heavy metals and chemicals. Bentonite Clay also reduces pain and infection in open wounds on both humans and animals.

Clay is renowned to have many uses in promoting health in plants, animals and people. Pure Calcium Bentonite Clays have been used by indigenous cultures since before recorded history.  Studies show that the use of volcanic ash clay internally goes back thousands of years.  The use of clay has assisted in the healing of many conditions including diarrhea, and digestive issues.  It also helps eliminate toxins from the body including bacteria, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins.

According to Dr. Richard Anderson, one of the first items to include in an herbal first aid kit would be Hydrated Bentonite.  Bentonite is known for its highly absorptive properties and its ability to draw out and bind heavy metals, drugs and other toxins from the dogs body. This clay has been used for thousands of years as both an internal and external purification aid.  And now you can eliminate toxins (such as heavy metals and chemicals), as well as improve digestion and latent energy in your dog without the use of chemicals.
In the ‘Clay Cure’, author Knishinsky writes that clay is part of his diet and he never skips a day without eating it.  He writes “When clay is consumed, its vital force is released into the physical body and mingles with the vital energy of the body, creating a stronger, more powerful energy in the host.  The natural magnetic action transmits a remarkable power to the organism and helps to rebuild vital potential through the liberation of latent energy. When the immune system does not function at its best, the clay stimulates the body’s inner resources to awaken the stagnant energy.  It supplies the body with the available magnetism to run well.”

When hydrated (wet), it generates and maintains a very strong electromagnetic field, which allows it to attract and hold unwanted, non-nutritive substances such as pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins so that they can be eliminated from the animal’s body.

Dog owners have used hydrated clay topically for cuts and have reported that wounds stopped festering.  The clay assisted the healing process in the faster formation of new, healthy skin.  Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay also draws out toxins and bacteria when used as a wet poultice on infections.

By mixing Calcium Bentonite Clay for Dogs with liquid (used either internally or externally), the expanded particles develop into a large surface area which enables them to pick up many times their own weight of various body toxins.  This large surface is made of a great number of tiny platelets, each with a negative electrical attraction for positively charged toxins.  Bentonite clay’s negative charge is responsible for its amazing detoxifying properties: it is a magnet for many toxic elements present in the animal’s body (heavy metals, pesticides, and free radicals), which are positively charged. This physical pulling power of pure Calcium Bentonite Clay for Dogs also has an absorbent action (like sticky paper) as toxins are drawn into the porous surface of the clay and eliminated from the dog’s body.

Pure Calcium Bentonite clay also contains more than 70 trace minerals.

Below is the mineral analysis / chart of our clay:

SiO2-Silicon Dioxide
Al2O3-Aluminum Oxide
CaO-Calcium Phosphate
Cl-Potassium Chloride
Cr2O3-Chromium Oxide
Fe2O3-Iron Oxide
MgO-Magnesium Oxide
MnO-Manganese Oxide
Na2O-Sodium Oxide
TiO2-Titanium Dioxide

pH is approximately 9.5

ID SiO2 Al2O3 CaO Cl Cr2O3 Fe2O3 K2O MgO MnO Na2O P2O5 SO3 TiO2 Total
% 74.45 14.71 2.63 0.16 0.09 1.67 2.20 2.84 0.05 0.92 0.02 0.08 0.18 100.00

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Directions & Uses Internally: In cases of digestive issues, stool inconsistency, diarrhea, liver & spleen toxicity.

Small Dogs: Feed 1/2 to 1 tsp daily

Medium to Large Dogs: Feed 1 – 2 tsps daily.

For severe cases of diarrhea dose may be administered 2-3 times daily until stools are formed. Liquid dose can be fed orally by syringe if animal lacks appetite. For maintenance feed 2-3 times weekly.

Feeding Note: Due to Bentonite Clay’s drawing properties, you must allow at least 2 hours before or after giving the clay before administering medications or supplements.

Uses Externally: Topically for wound care – for poultice (bug bites & swelling) or protective ‘scab’.

Poultice – Mix with water to make a paste and spread thickly. Apply wet paper towel & wrap with plastic to maintain moisture. Clay needs to be moist to work and should be changed daily or as often as necessary to keep it moist.

Scabbing – mix with water and spread lightly over wound.

NOTE: Do not use this product to replace veterinary care – If problems persist, see your local veterinarian.


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