FloraGuard 2 lb.


FloraGuard is an all natural digestive aid for horses. Helps horses assimilate their food by assisting them in utilizing vitamins and minerals more efficiently. 2 lb.

Product Description

FloraGuard for Horses

FloraGuard – improved digestive aid for horses

The All-Natural Solution to Digestion Imbalance.

It is common knowledge that a horse’s most natural way of feeding is 12 to 20 hours a day of free grazing on a mixture of various types of grasses and plants that constitute a fibrous, low-energy forage diet, containing not more than 8 to 10 percent protein.  Fresh pasture forage is nature’s way of providing a horse’s digestive system with the proper balance for good digestive health.

Of course in many cases horse owners are just not able to provide this kind of lifestyle for their horses.  Many horses today do not get the natural foods their digestive demands through grazing.  The second best alternative to natural pasture is a plentiful supply of grass in its dried form, ie hay.  So hay is provided to replace the much needed roughage that is naturally present in a horse’s diet.  The fibrous bulk supplied by clean, good quality grass hay is a vital component of good digestive health for horses.  A full gut maintains a constant level of digestive activity, free of feast or famine stress.

For this reason FloraGuard is a much needed digestive aid for today’s horse.

Have you ever noticed that your horse takes at least twice as long to chew grass/hay as they do grain?  And the more they chew, the more saliva is mixed with the food which helps balance stomach pH.  Grass or hay alone will not supply enough energy and other nutrients for the everyday demand placed on some horses.

These horses need three things – protein, energy and fat.  So grains are added to the diet to supply energy and maintain a healthy, normal weight but remember, an excess of starches, ie corn, oats, barley, in a horse’s diet can upset the delicate bacterial balance in the gut.  Even though these grains are simple carbohydrates and are a good source of energy for horses, too much in a horse’s diet can lead to problems.

In addition, many of the chemicals used for worming horses are known to adversely impact digestive tract health.  This is where FloraGuard comes into the overall picture of maintaining a constant, healthy balance in the horse’s digestive system.  FloraGuard contains pectin to buffer stomach acid, Lactobacillus acidophilus to keep a balanced floral environment in the digestive tract, and organic minerals that enable feed conversion.

Would you be reading this if you didn’t love your horse and want the best for them and their health?  We know you want your horse to be healthy, sleek and full of vitality, and a proper diet is the mainstay to that end result.  With FloraGuard you increase the digestibility of expensive hay and grain by 100%, because of proper stomach acid balance, and at the same time adding the needed minerals for good feed conversion- calcium, phosphorous, sulfur, magnesium and iron to their diet.

As with all ‘Holistic Horse’s’ organic products FloraGuard is NOT a chemical.  100% ORGANIC FloraGuard is natural and, therefore, is not at all like manmade chemicals.  FloraGuard comes in powder form and is, therefore, easy to feed.

This 100% Organic compound has a food grade Diatomaceous Earth codex designation by the USDA, FDA and is EPA registered. This product also contains probiotics for optimal digestive health.

FloraGuard has absolutely NO side affects except good ones, ie, it helps horses to assimilate food and therefore they will get the added benefits from their feed such as vitamins, mineral, etc.  Even picky eaters may put on weight!  Horses fed with FloraGuard will have better, slicker coats, brighter eyes, and more energy.

FloraGuard is completely safe even for pregnant and lactating mares and foals.

You can pick out one horse in the herd, add FloraGuard to its feed for 10 days and you will see a noticeable difference.  Once you have tested this product and seen for yourself how well it works, you will want to add FloraGuard to all your horses’ rations!

FloraGuard comes in a 2 pound resealable package.

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