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Before reaching for a chemical pesticide this year – that not only poisons the bugs, but you and your animals as well – reach instead for safe, effective, all natural FlyDie! Now available in larger 2 and 4 lb. sizes!

FlyDie is a 100% all natural, non-toxic pest control that works mechanically not chemically. It can be used in stalls, on manure piles or any other areas where flies are a problem.

Product Description

FlyDie Insect Control

Before reaching for a chemical pesticide this year – that not only poisons the bugs, but you and your animals as well! – reach instead for safe, effective all natural FlyDie. FlyDie is a natural powder that is easy to use and completely safe for you and your animals.

As animal and/or poultry owners we know the dreaded fly season is upon us, but now the Holistic Horse has a product, FlyDie, that will not only eliminate flies but their larvae as well (as they hatch), thus totally eliminating the dreaded fly season and drastically reducing fly populations next year as well!

When used as directed, FlyDie virtually eliminates horse, barn, and house flies, as well as bots and gnats from your environment.

FlyDie is the only non-toxic, non-chemical Pest Control Tool for a “FLY FREE SEASON”.

Fly problems occur as a direct result of constant fly breeding. Every day, countless numbers of flies will hatch from untreated breeding sites and all summer and into the fall you get more flies and more hatching eggs.

Nontoxic pest management tools are those methods, products and techniques that do not put human health and the environment at risk. Simple changes in your environment such as using FlyDie can significantly reduce pest populations without chemicals.

Manure piles, of course, are the main breeding area for all flies. Just a light sprinkling of FlyDie will eliminate hatching larvae and egg-laying adults as well. You can now also spray FlyDie anywhere flies gather and eliminate them once and for all. Once they come in contact with FlyDie they begin to die. FlyDie controls by a purely mechanical method, piercing the exoskeleton of the fly or larvae causing them to dehydrate and die. By using this product, you will eliminate the adults and hatching larvae, thereby breaking the cycle, and it is all done safely and naturally!

FlyDie can be used wet or dry and is just as effective either way.

There are approximately 160 tablespoons in a 2 pound bag  – enough to make 80 gallons of FlyDie liquid. FlyDie is a non-hazardous non-pathogenic powder that completely eliminates all flies, from gnats to horse flies and does it without chemicals.

Fly/Die Super Concentrate comes in 2 pound (about 10 cups) and 4 pound (about 20 cups) sizes.

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Add 2 tablespoons of Fly/Die to a gallon of warm water (not hot) and mix well.

You can also sprinkle it directly on to manure piles. A easy way to do this is to use a simple hand held kitchen sifter/strainer to lightly dust the piles.

Fly/Die can be used wet or dry and is just as effective either way.

During peak fly season product may be used daily or as often as necessary.

Although Fly/Die is safe and nontoxic, we do not recommend spraying product directly on animals as it does not repel flies. In addition product contains a bright orange herb which could discolor the animals coat.

1 review for FlyDie Insect Control

  1. 5 out of 5

    Angelique Luro (verified owner)

    I am loving the results we are seeing on the farm with FlyDie. Typically we would be going through fly spray at breakneck speed, so far this season we’ve not sprayed once, no fly sheets, no fly boots. It is very easy to use, we purchased a $7 pump sprayer at the hardware store, add 2 tbsp of FlyDie, shake and spray the stalls and all areas that we’ve picked up manure. It’s like a miracle, very happy!

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