Omni-WormGuard Plus for Horses


Omni-WormGuard Plus is a completely all natural wormer that is 100% safe and effective against intestinal parasites. It kills parasites by using a mechanical method, not chemical. This unique wormer also includes probiotics to promote healthy digestion and pure grape seed extract to support a strong immune system. Omni also contains Immune Boost to help them build a good immune system to help ward off stress and disease. One 4 lb. bag will last one 1,000 pound horse 40 days (1/2 cup dose per day), or 20 days feeding 1 cup dose per day. First time users: Feed Omni WormGuard Plus daily for 90 days without interruption, then feed 3 times a week thereafter for maintenance.

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Product Description

Omni-WormGuard Plus – with Immune Boost and Probiotics

Omni-WormGuard Plus not only provides a natural, non-chemical wormer to keep your animals worm-free on a consistent basis, it also contains Immune Boost which assists them in developing a good immune system to help ward off disease as well as the effects of stress.

Here is what our happy customers have to say about this formula and how it helped their horses:

“I just finished the first round of Omni Worm Guard for Seniors and I must admit it takes a lot to impress me to write a review! Spartan was rescued from a kill pen and was not very happy when I got him on Thanksgiving 2018. His eyes were dull his coat was dull and he had small sores on his sheath that I was told resulted from fly bites and his head was always down. The transformation is amazing to me on how he looks, acts and not to mention the sores on his sheath have disappeared. We also, give him the ground flax seed daily and two tablespoons of Rose Hip powder. His head is held proud, eyes are bright and he’s full of mischievous personality. I just placed another order for myself and my friends. Feeling lucky to have stumbled across Holistic Horse!”  Renee C.

“I’ve used this for 3 years now and never had problems with worms. I test manure 2 times a year. I love this stuff and my horses do too.”  Machele B.

Omni-WormGuard Plus with Immune Boost may well be the ‘Gold Standard’ in an all-natural wormer and a new concept in worming. It not only provides a natural, non-chemical wormer with FDA approved Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour (Diatomaceous Earth) to keep your horse worm-free on a consistent basis; it also contains Immune Boost to help the horse build a good immune system to ward off disease. This is especially important during times when there is an increased risk of illness, such as injury, surgery, chemical overload, or any high stress situation. In addition, Omni-WormGuard Plus contains 3 very powerful and very necessary Probiotics to keep the horse’s delicate digestive system in balance.

A 2 lb. bag of Omni WormGuard Plus contains about 2.5 oz. of Immune Boost
A 4 lb. bag of Omni WormGuard Plus contains about 5 oz. of Immune Boost

Guarantee per Ounce:

1. Vitamin A -40,000 IU.
2. Vitamin D3 -10,000 IU
3. Vitamin E -5,000 IU
4. Vitamin C -3,000 mg
5. DMG -1,500 mg,
6. Echinacea Root -1,000 mg
7. Magnesium -500 mg
8. L-Arginine -500 mg
9. Choline – 375 mg
10. Zinc – 350 mg
11. Alpha Lipoic Acid
12. Vitamin B1 – 300 mg each
13. Lysine/Niacin/Quercitin/Super Oxide Dismutase – 250 mg each
14. Grape Seed Extract/Manganese – 200 mg each,
15. d-Pantothenic Acid – 150 mg
16. Vitamin B2 – 100 mg
17. Vitamin B6 – 50 mg
18. Vitamin K – 10 mg
19. Beta Carotene – 5 mg
20. Iodine/Selenium – 2 mg each
21. Vitamin B12 – 1 mg

Animal owners need to be concerned about the potential for parasite drug resistance in their animals, since indiscriminate use of anthelmintics (these are drugs to treat internal parasites) can lead to even greater parasite problems.

Omni-WormGuard Plus is the most effective concept in an all-natural wormer with guaranteed health protection for your animal friends.

What do the Probiotics do?

Beneficial bacteria, such as the powerful Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium species and Lactobacillus acidophilus are called Probiotics. Probiotic bacteria favorably alter the intestinal micro flora balance, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, promote good digestion, boost immune function, and increase resistance to infection.

Animals with flourishing intestinal colonies of beneficial bacteria are better equipped to fight the growth of disease-causing bacteria. Lactobacilli maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora by producing organic compounds increase the acidity of the intestinal environment and inhibit the reproduction of many harmful bacteria. Probiotic bacteria also produce substances called bacteriocins, which act as natural antibiotics to eliminate undesirable microorganisms. Omni-WormGuard Plus is the only wormer that gives you all this in an all-natural wormer!

Omni WormGuard Plus is the only natural wormer that is 100 % effective against intestinal parasites such as:


large strongyles,

small strongyles,


intestinal threadworms,



With 100% death of all worms in the intestinal tract, including tapeworms, within the time frame, and then weekly maintenance, your animals will remain parasite-free.

100% natural Omni-WormGuard Plus with Immune Boost for Horses is natural and therefore is not at all like man-made chemicals. Use 8 tablespoon (½ cup) 3 times a week. Add to feed and mix. Omni-WormGuard Plus has absolutely NO side effects except good ones, ie: the Lactic Acid Bacteria help assimilation of feed and therefore animals will get the double added benefit from feed such as vitamins, mineral, etc. Horses will have better, slicker coats, brighter eyes, and much more energy as well as being worm-free with a much stronger immune and digestive system.

Omni-WormGuard Plus is completely safe even for pregnant and lactating females. Their young will benefit as well.

We recommend using Omni-WormGuard Plus in conjunction with WormGuard Plus SC as it is not necessary to feed our Omni-WormGuard Plus product more than 3 times a week to keep the immune system strong. If circumstances arise, such as injury, surgery, chemical overload, or any high stress situation, then Omni-WormGuard Plus should be fed daily until the situation improves.

The Omni WormGuard Plus is the upgraded version of the WormGuard Plus SC. Both formulas contain probiotics and pure grape seed extract but the Omni formula also has added vitamins specially designed to strengthen and help keep the immune system healthy. The Omni wormer is a great choice for horses who may have a compromised or weakened immune system such as younger or older horses, show horses under stress in heavy training and travelling extensively, or horses recuperating from illness or surgery.

Having said all that, many customers will feed Omni WormGuard Plus exclusively as they like the idea of their horses getting extra vitamins in general for a healthy immune system. You can also mix and match, for example some customers purchase both formulas and will alternate them weekly or every other day. Its strictly a personal choice on the part of the horse owner and based on the individual horse’s needs.

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Feeding Instructions:
First time users: Feed Omni WormGuard Plus daily for 90 days without interruption, then feed 3 times a week thereafter for maintenance.

Recommended dose for horses (up to 1,000 lbs.) is 1/2 cup (light parasite load) 3/4 cup (moderate parasite load) 1 cup (heavy parasite load). Periodic fecal tests will help determine parasite load & dosage.

Feeding Tip: WormGuard can be moistened with water or apple sauce and mixed with pellets or added to bran mash.

NOTE: This is an all natural, safe product. You may increase the frequency or the dose (double) if necessary without concern. Some animals may require more due to a heavier parasite load, weakened immune system, time of year or other factors.


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