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Our Pure Unrefined Sea Salt is nature’s electrolyte. It contains over 80 essential, natural balanced minerals. Sea Salt enhances digestion and stabilizes bodily functions and fluids. Consuming Sea Salt also encourages horses to drink more water which can aid in the prevention of impaction colic. See information and additional health benefits below.

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Product Description

Pure Unrefined Sea Salt for Horses 80 essential balanced minerals

Without proper salt, cells have little energy and cannot regenerate. As a body sweats, it loses electrolytes, salts and fluids. Properly balanced Sea Salt, nature’s electrolyte, replenishes the lost electrolyte and salts naturally.

We have been led to believe that refined sodium chloride is a safe, edible salt for animal consumption. It is only so in minute quantities, whether in the form of blue animal salt blocks or red animal mineral blocks.


Pure Unrefined Sea Salt, nature’s electrolyte, is natural unrefined salt. Derived from pristine ocean waters, it is hand-harvested annually. Pure Unrefined Sea Salt consists of moist crystals, light gray in color, totally unrefined. Sea Salt is a product of nature, therefore slight color variations may occur which do not affect quality or effectiveness. Containing over 80 essential, naturally balanced minerals, Pure Unrefined Sea Salt is safe and easily assimilated into your horses’ diet. Internal bodily fluids are returned to their proper balance when the Pure Unrefined Sea Salt is used according to the instructions.


We have been led to believe that refined sodium chloride is a safe, edible salt for animal consumption. It is only so in minute quantities. Whether in the form of animal salt blocks or red mineral blocks, large quantities of refined sodium chloride are hazardous to the health of animals. Research literature and medical experience have strongly cautioned against the use of such salt. Some have been highly critical of the use of salt in mammals. Pure Unrefined Sea Salt is natural salt in every sense of the word. It contains about 80 mineral elements that the body needs. Some of these elements are needed in trace amounts.

Pure Unrefined Sea Salt is a better choice of salt than other types of salt on the market. Ordinary table salt that is bought in the super markets has been stripped of its companion elements and contains additive elements such as aluminum silicate to keep it powdery and porous. Aluminum is a very toxic element in our nervous system. It is implicated as one of the primary causes of Alzheimer’s disease.


This from ‘Sea Salt’s Hidden Powers’ – “Sodium is the predominant cation (an atom or group of atoms carrying a positive charge) of tissues, body fluids and blood plasma. Sodium is essential for digestive function, metabolism, nerve and muscular functions, however, the sodium in refined salts hardens and has an altered molecular structure. This sodium will stubbornly remain in the body long after it has done its job, causing joints to swell (edema) and kidney problems. Unrefined salt has the opposite effect: its sodium drains out rapidly, keeping the kidneys at peak function, as well as promoting flexibility in the articulations.”


Mammals are salt-based creatures. Blood, sweat, and tears are all salty. Horses need and crave salt. Natural Pure Unrefined Sea Salt is indeed healthy and vital to their well being. When fed Pure Unrefined Sea Salt, your horse will drink more water and eliminate more toxins through urination. Pure Unrefined Sea Salt, nature’s electrolyte, enhances digestion and stabilizers bodily functions and fluids. Elements in Pure Unrefined Sea Salt, in milligrams per 1/4 teaspoon: our most recent analysis demonstrated that Sea Salt contained at least 75 minerals and trace elements.

The following lists the most predominant elements revealed by this analysis: (mg per 1/4 tsp.)

Chloride 601.25 mg 50.90%
Zinc 0.03 mg .00275%
Sodium 460 mg 33.00%
Copper 0.02 mg .00195%
Sulfur 9.7 mg .820%
Erbium 0.02 mg .00195%
Magnesium 5.2 mg .441%
Tin 0.02 mg .00192%
Potassium 2.7 mg .227%
Manganese 0.02 mg .0018%
Calcium 1.5 mg .128%
Cerium 0.02 mg .00172%
Silicon 1.2 mg .052%
Fluoride 0.01 mg .00109%
Carbon 0.6 mg .049%
Rubidium 0.01 mg .00084%
Iron 0.14 mg .012%
Gallium 0.01 mg .00083%
Aluminum 0.11 mg .0095%
Boron 0.01 mg .00082%
Praseodymium 0.04 mg .0029%
Titanium 0.01 mg .00079%
Strontium 0.03 mg .00275%
Bromine 0.01 mg .00071%


Foods grown in soil depleted of the necessary building-blocks do not contain the minerals required for a healthy diet. Natural, Pure Unrefined Sea Salt affects how the body utilizes minerals while increasing the effectiveness of digestion, absorption and the assimilation of nutrients. Pure Unrefined Sea Salt enriches saliva so the stomach is better able to produce the proper digestive enzymes required to break down the complex carbohydrates, celluloid and chlorophyll in vegetation. Pure Unrefined Sea Salt becomes indispensable by creating hydrochloric acid in the digestive tract.


Hydrochloric acid is the product of the hydrolysation of chlorine, which aids digestion. The chlorine originates from the essentially balanced sodium chloride found in Pure Unrefined Sea Salt. When using mineral rich Pure Unrefined Sea Salt, the horse is capable of extracting much more of the nutritional value of its food.


Horses require the minerals contained in unrefined salt. External application of Pure Unrefined Sea Salt solution also does wonders for a multitude of leg, hoof and muscle ailments.


Eliminating salt from a diet is probably more harmful than using refined sodium chloride. There is a general rule of osmosis when it comes to internal body fluids. Water goes wherever salt goes. This is evident in swollen joints and sore muscles and is particularly common in animals that sweat profusely such as sport and racehorses.

Without replenishing the body’s properly balanced salt reserves, that vital balance of salt and water, that keeps the body functioning normally, is thrown off. The body will begin to secrete water more quickly in order to raise the level of sodium concentration in the bloodstream. Signs of too little salt in the diet may take the form of profuse sweating, a decrease in appetite, extreme fatigue followed by muscles that become sore and stiff and begin to tie up. In extreme cases, convulsions may occur. Conversely, too much refined sodium chloride can cause water retention. Again, using Pure Unrefined Sea Salt will assist your horse in flushing out excess wastes and reduce water retention.

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1 review for Sea Salt – Pure Unrefined for Horses

  1. 5 out of 5

    This is a review for both the Bentonite and the Pure Unrefined Sea Salt.

    Early 2014, my very active 21 year old horse developed ‘thrush’. Soon after, infection spread up to the coronets on all four of his feet. They were swollen with strange ‘cottony’ areas, itchy, oozing, and bleeding. The symptoms were baffling but it was generally diagnosed as a combination of a fungal and an anaerobic bacterial infection. Despite three veterinarians, and a multitude of treatments his condition continued to deteriorate. When he started developing white line disease on top of the other problems, they started hinting at putting him to sleep.

    I simply refused to give up and through my own experimentation, discovered that his ‘infection’ was actually an allergic reaction to alfalfa, and rice bran. After removing those ingredients from his diet, his coronets improved significantly, but would still have small flare ups in some areas. Further experimentation lead me to discover that insulin resistance was another factor, but I didn’t put him through the standard test in fear that the steroid injection would trigger a laminitis attack. Putting him on a diet suitable for laminitics minus the allergens improved his condition even further but his coronets, though no longer itchy still had some thin scabbing in some areas.

    It took roughly six months to figure everything out, and my horse’s hoof growth had been so compromised by all the past irritation leaving them very dry, rough and cracked. This was when I read about the healing and cleansing effects of Bentonite for horses (and people) online. I was more than willing to give it a shot, and forums lead me to this website.

    Due to being overseas, there were some technical difficulties ordering, but Chris and Roger Richardson are such patient and good people and my order was soon on its way. Providentially, they also sent me a package of Celtic Sea Salt along with the clay to try out.

    Interestingly, my horse, who has never touched a salt lick in his life, loves the sea salt so much that it is now part of his diet. Then, on the first week of 20 day Bentonite detox, he shed all his winter coat in one day –which I took as a sign that positive changes were happening internally.During the entire detox, his coronets continued to improve and are now completely healed!

    Though there are many factors to my horse’s recovery, including homeopathic medicine, and learning how to barefoot trim, I feel that the Bentonite and the Sea Salt helped him get through the final hurdle of his health problems.

    Despite all that he went through, he never became unsound but I stopped riding for a period lest I do more damage. Now, we’re back training five times a week again doing medium level dressage work. I almost forgot to mention the sudden jump in his fitness level after the salt and the cleanse. As for his hooves, it’s still a bit early to tell, but I can already see that the new growth is a different color, and that many of the cracks have fused.

    I just cannot express in words how overjoyed I am to have my horse back. He also lets me know every day that he is feeling fantastic too.

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