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StallGuard eliminates odor, moisture and flies for clean odor free stalls. 100% natural organic compound. Will kill larvae in the bedding and manure, as a result, flies will be drastically reduced. Now available in a larger 5 lb. size! To save even more, purchase our 10 lb size!


Product Description

StallGuard eliminates odor, moisture and flies. Keeps stalls drier and smelling fresher.

There is nothing more pleasant than a clean, well ventilated, fresh smelling barn. StallGuard will help eliminate urine odor and moisture, while at the same time killing larvae present in the bedding and manure. Thus fly numbers will be drastically reduced.

Use StallGuard for clean, odor free stalls. Also works great to help repel flies.

Of course we all know that cleanliness of the stall area is very important to the health of our horses. We all know that moisture, accumulated urine and manure, which may ferment and putrefy, can lead to cracked hooves and lameness.

Stall cleaning is so labor intensive that sometimes it just doesn’t get done in a timely manner. If you are boarding your horse, then a weekly application of StallGuard is a great way of dealing with this problem.

This 100% Organic compound has a food grade codex designation by the USDA, FDA and is EPA registered. Our 100% natural StallGuard is NATURAL and therefore is not at all like manmade chemicals. This product has been extensively customer studied for efficacy.

StallGuard comes in a 5 pound package (that’s about 30 cups). Can be applied to the ground using a hand held screen sifter (the kind found on the baking aisle in your supermarket). For a 12 x 12 stall sprinkle approximately 1 – 2 cups daily after cleaning. For larger stalls or pastures, purchase the 10 lb size for even greater savings.

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1 review for StallGuard

  1. 5 out of 5

    sjttrmfb (verified owner)

    StallGuard is amazing!!

    I have baited fly traps to collect the barn flies all summer long. They are cedar screened traps that are 10 x 10 x 10″ with a tray of smelly yeast bait to attract the flies. And they are usually half full of dead flies with many still buzzing inside the trap by July. It is June 30 and the traps are practically empty. That’s how good StallGuard is! I sprinkle it on the alpacas’ poop as it’s collected to be hauled away and sprinkle it on the area they use as a community poop pile before they do their business. I used to use PDZ and still have 3 full bags of it. Haven’t touched them once since I’ve been using StallGuard to deodorize AND kill flies, which PDZ doesn’t do. StallGuard is the way to go.

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