PastureGuard is a safe, easy to apply, natural approach to fly control. Use on manure piles and in the pasture to eliminate parasites before they can be ingested.

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Product Description

PastureGuard is safe and easy to apply.

The natural approach to parasite control.

PastureGuard eliminates parasites at the source.

We all know how and where our animals contact worms, in their pasture of course. So let’s go to the source to begin worming our horses. It’s a big vicious circle we are fighting here and unless you have hundreds of acres for pasture. That vicious circle, up until now, has been unbreakable.

But no longer!

PastureGuard can and will break the cycle by eliminating parasites at their source, in the grass your animals eat.

When considering the high cost of worming (with chemicals) and the ugly possibility of colic and possible death, isn’t it time to rethink what you are using to worm your animals versus the value in dollars you have invested in them? Not to mention the loving attachment you have for him or her.

WormGuard and PastureGuard are both the same safe, fossil shell flour product you are now using, but PastureGuard goes to the source of infestation in the pasture.

As PastureGuard is Fossil Shell Flour too, it carries USDA and FDA food grade (animal) designation and is EPA registered for domestic use.

PastureGuard is safe and easy to apply, but as with any dust, even road dust, try to avoid inhaling the product. PastureGuard is lightly sprinkled on manure piles, fresh or old, in the pasture where the animal(s) are feeding and eliminates parasites before they can be ingested.

PastureGuard works hand in hand with WormGuard and StallGuard to keep you horses completely worm free on a full time basis, naturally.

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