WormGuard Plus SC for Chinchillas 1 lb.


WormGuard SC for Chinchillas is a complete all natural wormer that is 100% safe and effective against intestinal parasites. It kills parasites by using a mechanical method, not chemical. 1 lb.

Product Description

WormGuard SC for Chinchillas

Since the creation of our 100% all-natural WormGuard SC wormer for the elimination of intestinal worms and parasites, thousands of animal and pet owners have said “No” to chemical wormers forever, and have used this product on all kinds of livestock and pets such as cattle, horses, camels, llamas, dogs, cats, guinea pigs and poultry.

100% Safe, 100% Natural, 100% Effective.  Finally one wormer for all intestinal parasites!

The wormer in WormGuard SC is an FDA approved Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth which consists of tiny phytoplankton mainly composed of amorphous hydrated silicates.  When parasites come into contact with these tiny particles, their exoskeletons are pierced, and the waxy fats and lipids leak from the cuticle of the parasite resulting in fluid loss, dehydration and death.  And this is done naturally without chemicals!  The Chinese have used Diatomaceous Earth to rid animals of intestinal parasites for more than 4,000 years.

WormGuard Plus SC is completely harmless to people, livestock, pets, fish, birds and the environment.  This is the silver bullet that the drug companies hoped you would never find out about!

Due to indiscriminate use of anthelmintics (drugs used to treat internal parasites), parasite drug resistance is an ever growing problem.  Because WormGuard Plus SC works in a purely mechanical manner, parasites are not able to develop an immunity to it as they can to chemical wormers!

WormGuard Plus SC is the only natural wormer that is 100% effective against all internal parasites.

With 100% death of all worms in the intestinal tract, including tapeworms, within the time frame, and then weekly maintenance, your animals will remain parasite-free.

WormGuard SC has been customer proven safe and effective.

WormGuard SC comes in a 16 ounce (1 pound) package. Full instructions are included.

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We know our products work – and so do thousands of our happy customers!

For first time users it is recommended that you feed your Chinchilla ¼ teaspoon of WormGuard Plus SC daily for 30 – 45 days, then feed ¼ teaspoon 3 times per week for maintenance.

Mix in well with their feed to ensure proper dosage.


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