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AntDie eliminates Fire Ants completely. Fire ants have a painful sting and are very aggressive.  They will swarm over anyone or anything that disturbs them.  They attack people, animals, pets, wildlife and livestock.  It is estimated that each year 20 million people  are stung by fire ants! Now you can eliminate the whole fire ant colony without using poisons with our 100% natural AntDie. 2 lb.

Product Description

AntDie Eliminates Fire Ants completely – 100% natural

Fire ants have a painful sting and are very aggressive. They will swarm over anyone or anything that disturbs them. They attack people, animals, pets, wildlife and livestock. It is estimated that each year 20 million people are stung by fire ants!

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have a fire ant problem. Well now you can eliminate the whole fire ant colony, and do it without poisonous chemicals that don’t work well. You can do it with our 100% natural AntDie!

AntDie is 100% safe, 100% effective and 100% Organic. It is totally harmless to people, livestock, birds or fish. It is guaranteed to work when used as instructed or your money back.

As AntDie liquid is introduced to the fire ant’s colony their exoskeletons are pierced causing them to dehydrate and die. THE EFFECT ON THE ANTS’ EXOSKELETONS IS FAST!

Poisons attack the nervous system of the insect, which is not very effective at killing all the ants in a nest, so you soon have the same problems again. In addition, research has noted that some insects have developed a resistance to poison-based products.

Since its introduction, the red imported fire ant, a much more aggressive species than the black imported fire ant, has spread quickly. By the time of the first official survey carried out by the USDA in 1953, imported fire ants had invaded 102 counties in 10 states. Today, the red imported fire ant has spread throughout the United States. Beginning soon after the Second World War, and in conjunction with the housing boom of the period, the imported fire ant began its march across the South. The spread of these ants was largely due to the movement of grass sod and woody ornamental plants used in landscaping.

How widespread are they?

Imported fire ants had moved into almost all the southern states. This spread, although slowed continues even today. In recent years, isolated infestations of imported fire ants have been found as far west as California and as far north as Kansas and Maryland.

How do you know you have them?

One of the identifying characteristics of a fire ant colony is the earthen nest or mound. The mound is a conically-shaped dome of excavated soil that has a hard, rain-resistant crust. In heavier soils, a mound can exceed 39″ in height and 60″ in diameter. There are usually no external openings in the mound; tunnels below the surface radiate from the mound allowing foraging workers ready egress and ingress.

While mounds are important to a colony, they are not essential for colony survival. Given a dark, protected site with sufficient moisture and an adequate supply of food, fire ants will nest in a wide variety of sites (e.g. rotten logs, walls of buildings, under sidewalks and roads, in automobiles, in dried cow manure).

They will eat almost anything!

Fire ants are omnivorous, feeding on almost any plant or animal material; although insects seem to be their preferred food. In rural habitats, fire ants have a major impact on ground nesting animals including insects, reptiles, birds and mammals. The arrival of imported fire ants into an ecosystem wreaks havoc on the local ecological community. Studies have shown that a minimum twofold reduction occurs among populations of field mice, oviparous snakes, turtles and other vertebrates when imported fire ants are allowed to establish colonies within a given area. In some instances, the depredation by fire ants has completely eliminated some species from an ecosystem. The reduction or elimination of a species or group of species from a system has repercussions throughout the local food web.

Not only do imported fire ants reduce animal populations, they also feed on plants. Fire ants attack young saplings and seedlings. They destroy buds and developing fruits and have been shown to feed on the seeds of 139 species of native wild flowers and grasses. Secondarily, fire ants ‘nurse’ numerous homopteran pests of plants such as aphids and scale insects. Although not conclusively shown, observations indicate that their activity on the plant itself may reduce the ability of pollinators to successfully pollinate flowers, bees hate fire ants.

AntDie comes in a 2 pound package. There are 64 tablespoons in each 2 pound order – enough to make 32 gallons of AntDie liquid. AntDie completely destroys the Fire Ant Queen and workers. Leaving the ant mounds unfit for re-colonization.

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AntDie is easy to use:

Simply add 2 tablespoons to a gallon of warm water (not hot) and mix well.

Make three or more deep holes in the center of mound with shovel handle, broom handle or any such object being careful not to let ants crawl on you.

Pour the AntDie mixture into the holes.

Then make holes about 2 feet out from the center of the mound and treat those. If it is a large mound you may want to use 2 or three gallons of AntDie, well worth the small investment. Soak the mound thoroughly.

This is best done early in the morning while ants are slow moving and less aggressive.


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