BreakDown SC


BreakDown Super Concentrate is a 100% all natural product that assists in the decomposition of manure. It also kills flies and parasites as they hatch.

Product Description

Breakdown SC

Manure piles treated with BreakDown SC this fall and winter will be alive and healthy ready for the garden in the spring.

Breaks down manure piles naturally. Kills flies as they hatch.

Do you know that the chemical wormer you use may not kill all the worms in a horse’s digestive system, but kills all the beneficial bacteria that allow natural decomposition in the manure pile? So stop using drugs and use natural, safe and effective WormGuard Plus wormer.

Breakdown SC works hand in hand with our WormGuard Plus SC – which eliminates worms and parasites in your animals and birds, but keeps the host bacteria (flora) alive in the gut working with nature – so manure breaks down naturally.

By lightly dusting Breakdown SC on the manure while cleaning stalls and pens, you will eliminate worms and hatching worm larvae, while assisting the good bacteria by adding to the manure pile minerals (such as calcium, phosphorous, sulfur, magnesium, iron and other trace elements), essential to help the good bacteria break down the manure much faster.

Breakdown SC is a much needed product for fecal matter control, for a natural, healthy, near odor-free environment for you and your animals. This product also works well with poultry manure.

Any manure contaminated with (man made) chemicals should NOT be used on a garden in which you grow your own vegetables, because the chemicals end up in the vegetables. These man-made chemicals also kill the beneficial earthworms and bacteria in the soil.

If you are already among the hundreds of animal lovers using our safe, natural WormGuard Plus SC to worm your livestock, poultry and pets, then you already know how well our Holistic Horse products work.

Breakdown SC comes in a 2 or 4 pound resealable package.

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