Poultry Dust 4 lbs.


Poultry Dust is a must for the health of your birds. This 100% all natural, safe, and effective product eliminates lice and mites without the need for harmful chemicals. Contains 100% food grade fossil shell flour. Use to dust birds and roosts on a regular basis to relieve itching of biting lice and blood sucking mites. 4 lbs. (Limit 2 bags per customer)

Product Description

Poultry Dust eliminates lice and mites naturally without the need for chemicals.  Dusting the nest, roost and the birds themselves with Poultry Dust is a must for the health of your birds.  The ingredients in our Poultry Dust are 100% food grade.

Our 100% All Natural, 100% Safe, 100% Effective Poultry Dust eliminates lice and mites without the need for chemicals!

Due to indiscriminate use of chemicals used to kill insects, drug resistance is an ever growing problem.  Because Poultry Dust works in a purely mechanical manner, pests are not able to develop an immunity to it as they can to chemical pesticides!

Biting Lice mainly feed on particles of skin and feathers.  Some species, however, take blood from the host bird, puncturing the skin with their jaws or feeding at small wounds made when the host birds scratch themselves.  Mites feed on the birds’ blood while they are roosting at night.  Then they hide in crevices during the day, where they mate and lay eggs.  Some species of lice and mites are of great economic importance when they infest domestic poultry as they can have such a strong negative impact on the health of birds.

The female louse may lay 50-100 eggs, which she cements to the feathers of the birds.  Development from egg to adult stage takes about 3-4 weeks in the constant temperature environment of the host’s body.

Mites can develop from egg to adult in as little as 7 days if the conditions are ideal for them.  Bad infestations can lead to the birds suffering from anemia.  Mites can also affect the health of your birds indirectly as they may serve as vectors for such diseases as Salmonellosis and avian spirochaetosis.

Our Poultry Dust for all kinds of poultry comes in a 4 pound resealable package which is enough to dust hundreds of birds.

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Poultry Dust will eliminate all lice and mites from your birds when used on a regular basis, and this will be achieved without the use of chemicals! It is important to dust the roosting and nesting areas with Poultry Dust to get rid of mites, and dust the birds themselves, and/or provide Poultry Dust in a large round feeding bucket for the birds to dust/bathe themselves to get rid of lice. Your poultry will feel good when they are free of the horrible itchiness of biting lice and bloodsucking mites.


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